Product Care

General Care Information

I’m made of beautiful, fine materials, so please treat me with care. Here are some tips to help look after me.

Please note that Glosserie is not liable for any damage caused to shoes or monograms.


Suede Leather

I recommend applying a specific spray to protect my suede leather from rain and stains. If I do happen to get wet, allow me to dry naturally away from direct heat. When cleaning, please be gentle and use a wire suede brush or pencil eraser.


Monogram Letters/Motifs

My monogram letters/motifs have been attached to ensure they do not move. Please do not attempt to remove them as they will not be re-attachable. To clean letters/motifs, please wipe gently using a small damp cloth with water.



I prefer to be stored away from direct sunlight and extreme heat to avoid fading and shrinking.

Size Guide

Most dolls say my shoes are true to size.

I use European shoe sizing, but you can easily convert my size into US and UK using the table below.

EUR 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
US 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5
UK 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5
CM 24.0 24.5 25.0 25.5 26.0 26.5 27.0



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